Expanding the Deal

Selling Enterprise Software in isolation is a sure way to reduce its effectiveness whilst minimizing the opportunity for future sales. Every enterprise is made up of multiple systems that are comprised of the people, processes and technologies that exists within its operating environment. To view a sale in isolation, limits the benefits the software will have on the organization. By understanding the processes that surround its implementation, the people who use it, the stakeholders affected by it, and the technologies that will integrate with it, it is possible to expand the sales value proposition in many ways. 

Every software product is designed to store and generate data about the process it is meant to enhance. It will also contain metadata that gives meaning to the data stored. In isolation this data will not be of great value to the user and will have a limited impact on the organization. When the software is integrated and combined with that from other enterprise systems, new and powerful insight can occur. 

The job of the Solution Architect from a sales perspective is to look at the holistic landscape of a company. It is like a town planner who is developing a new housing estate. They cannot view the estate in isolation, they must look at access routes, utilities, public works etc. The solution architect therefore has many things to consider that go beyond what the software actually does. These include: 

  • Understanding the technological landscape of the company. How will the system integrate with other software products?
  • Document the data that will be imported and exported from the software to ensure that the true value of the information is realized.
  • Understand the business processes that are themselves stakeholders of the software solution. It is important to be able to communicate the process benefits that will be gained with successful implementation, and the risks that may emerge if the implementation fails.
  • Realizing which business strategies the software implementation will impact. If this value is realized and communicated, then the potential for additional sales is increased.
  • Expanding the sales horizon to include other offerings that the customer may not originally have identified. Very few requirements exist in isolation, and if you can broaden the scope of the conversation then new opportunities will come to light. 

Our Solution Architects have the skills and experience to expand the sales conversation. They can help the sales executive introduce new software products, or identify additional benefits which will help increase your competitive advantage. This is why huerdo utilizes them in all Enterprise Sales engagements.

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