Sales Improv Training

In Sales we all want to improve our communication. We need to be able to react to the changing conversations and players that impact the sales process. These skills are not taught in business schools, and many people believe that you are either born with them or you are not.


In recent years, improv has become a hot topic in the business world. It allows people to react, without shock to the unexpected twist of a conversation. It is also an enabler of creativity. Many a deal has been lost due to the fact that the conversation has either become frozen or predictable. As Chris Fletcher puts it, “Just because you can turn up and recite a sales message, does not put you any closer to closing a deal. Sales is not a straight line process, as in sailing you are constantly adjusting your tack, but must never lose sight of your final destination.”. Improv training when practiced can help you react with confidence to the difficult questions that occur during a sales cycle. It prepares you for the unexpected, giving you the skills to adapt to the changing environment that is sales.


Simply attending an improv class will definitely help you build confidence. That said, it is of greater benefit to model the improvisation sketches and stories around real life sales situations. That is why huerdo Inc. has developed improv training that embraces scenarios that are commonly experienced during the sales cycle. We have brought together professionals from Comedy Theatre and Sales Management to come up with a unique offering that will help your team build their confidence within any sales situation.


For more information on this huerdo improv, please feel free to reach out to us at 1-866-226-3011.


huerdo Inc has partnered with actor and comedian Rob Tarbuck to develop improv and sales management training. Rob has been a regular at the Edinburgh Festival, and has been involved in stand up and theatre in both the UK and North America.