How to Sell Complex Solutions to Increasingly Demanding Customers

Sales Consulting, Training, and Mentorship

B2B Sales Consulting, Training and Mentorship

The world of Sales and Marketing is in a state of constant change. New technologies, social platforms, and information sources mean that you are dealing with informed buyers who have access to data points that will impact their journey to purchase. Traditional sales processes and methodologies have lost touch with the new dynamics of the buyer, and the journey they take from being a prospect to a customer. It is for this reason that we need to adopt a new approach to B2B Sales Consulting, Training and Mentorship services.

Our B2B Sales Consulting, Training and Mentorship programs are designed to help organizations of all sizes install the processes and methods required to not only understand the buyer journey but to influence their path on it. It is a unique approach based on the Revenue Engine that takes into account all customer-facing interactions to ensure that your go-to-market teams work in unison to close more deals. 


We have run $3 billion Sales Organizations and closed deals above $20 million. We bring this unique capability and understanding to our sales consulting, training and mentorship.


Our methods and practices have been leveraged by organizations to deliver outstanding Revenue Attainment while providing exceptional customer experiences.


Our approach to sales is specifically designed to help organizations scale. It is consultative and always unique to the circumstance of the sale. In this way, we ensure that its value is embraced and practiced across all go-to-market teams.

Our Results

150% Increase in Lead to Conversion Rate
210% Increase in Average Selling Price
90% Increase in Opportunity Close Rate
250% Decrease in Average Sales Cycle Time

Who We've Worked With

What People are Saying About huerdo

I learned a number of things...  In large enterprise selling you need to have an [business] opinion, and know it could link to a prospects scorecard, leading to bigger deals.I recommend sales leaders who want to push up market [through bigger deals] to work with huerdo.
Dan Ferguson Testimony
Dan Ferguson
huerdo helped create key business processes that lead to a 200% faster deal close rate in our business. They helped us drive a level of growth into the organization; both in terms of the individuals and their confidence in the they approached their business, and also growth in the size of our revenue, deals, and the direction of our organization.
Rich York Testimony
Rich York
Sales Leader
huerdo are great coaches, mentors and inspirational leaders.  Anyone working with them would be very lucky.They helped me to think “outside of the box” and think differently, resulting always in a positive response by the customer.
Pramila Testimony
Pramila Nair
Revenue Engine

Most leaders know where they want to take their teams, but fail to adapt to changing customer needs to sustain their revenue growth over time.

At huerdo, we understand how difficult it is when you have set clear direction, but begin to see teams failing to execute and capitalize on the opportunities in front of them. Customer Acquisition Costs can increase, sales staff turnover can become a challenge, and revenue generating teams can find themselves unable to agree on the best path forward. That is why taking a Revenue Engine approach, and tuning it in your business can unlock growth!

Our free video training guides you through the different activities required of managing a revenue engine and how you can make your revenue generation more predictable.

How we Equip Your Sales Teams

helping the customer focus

We teach your salespeople to focus on your customers’ customer and how your product or service impacts them.

You learn how to align and approach stakeholders at every level, ensuring that your messaging resonates and influences.

Coach your sales teams on how to effectively prospect to produce high-quality leads and ditch those non-selling activities.

For every dollar a company invests in training, it receives about $4.53 in return – which is equivalent to a 353% ROI.


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