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Our Approach to Scaling Business to Business Revenue

Most leaders know where they want to take their teams, but fail to adapt to changing customer needs to sustain their revenue growth over time.

At huerdo, we understand how difficult it is when you have set clear direction, but begin to see teams failing to execute and capitalize on the opportunities in front of them. Customer Acquisition Costs can increase, sales staff turnover can become a challenge, and revenue generating teams can find themselves unable to agree on the best path forward. This is why taking a Revenue Engine approach, and tuning it in your business can unlock growth!

Our free video training guides you through the different activities required of managing a revenue engine and how you can make your revenue generation more predictable.

Business to Business Sales Consulting Services

Many organizations are struggling to scale by spending too much time, money and resources on the wrong activities, throwing their ratio of Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC ) to Lifetime Customer Value (LTV) out of balance.

Our expertise is in consistently helping our customers increase their predictable revenues by developing specific sales strategies. By identifying your buyers’ journey, we can maximize the value of every customer interaction.

Identify the underlying motivations of why your customers purchase, and how those motivations can be messaged correctly across every customer touch point.

Optimizing your costs and return on customer interactions, from lead to renewal, increasing a customer’s Lifetime Value (LTV).

Delivering the tools, advice, and coaching that key team members need to enable high-quality customer experiences along their entire buyer journey.

Helping you hire for and build a culture of coach-ability along with a learning mindset that empowers your leaders and their teams to consistently improve each customer interaction.

Implementing an adaptable framework to better orchestrate how senior managers through to front-line employees deliver on their revenue-generating activities.

Business to Business Sales Training

Our training services are designed to help every type of organization grow and develop its Sales practice. From companies who currently do not have sales organization, but are looking to develop one, through to large enterprises who wish to optimize their business processes for Revenue Optimization.

How to Create a Winning Sales Team

This course will teach you the key components of how to hire, structure, compensate and develop a winning Sales Team.

Training for Salespeople

Learn how to manage your territory with business acumen and a consultative approach to stand out from your competition.

Sales Leadership Training

Discover your management style to connect with your team, exceed your number, consistently hire, and coach for success.

Revenue Optimization

Implement the Revenue Engine across your organization and scale your business through Revenue Optimization.

How can we help you

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Our results

We are happy to share with you our achievements and progress!

150% Increase lead to conversion rate
210% Increase in Average Selling Price
90% Increase in opportunity close rate
250% Decrease in average sales cycle time


Dan Ferguson

I learned a number of things…  In large enterprise selling you need to have an [business] opinion, and know it could link to a prospects scorecard, leading to bigger deals. I recommend sales leaders who want to push up market [through bigger deals] to work with Chris.

Pramila Nair

Chris is a great coach, mentor, and inspirational leader.  Anyone working with Chris would be very lucky. Chris helped me to think “outside of the box” and think differently, resulting always in a positive response by the customer.

Rich York

Chris created key business processes that lead to a 200% faster deal close rate in our business. Chris got the entire organization working together on a specific and important problem we needed to solve. She was maniacal in defining a good and necessary process everyone in the organization ended up following. Chris drove a level of growth…

Ian Dewdney

Chris was always driving collaboration across her team and with us [as a partner]. She understood what the customer needed and focused her team on delivering that. Chris is great and I’d certainly recommend her!

John Miller

huerdo can really change an organization and make things happen. They are some of the best analysts I have ever worked with.

Why You Need to Optimize Your Revenue Engine

Pipeline Predictability

When it comes to Pipeline Predictability and Management, it’s an adage that salespeople have “happy ears”! It means that

Large Deal Sales Experience

Large deal expertise is critical. Everyone wants to hold the trophy for your organization’s “largest” deal; however, very few

Sales Enablement

As a start-up, you may have sold your product to many customers, yet deal closure is sporadic, and revenue

Speed to Market

Speed to market is essential. Right from the beginning, VC’s and investors in your organization want to know how

New Product Launch

When launching a new product many companies initially focus their efforts on marketing. They believe that building awareness and

Sales Role Specialization

Selling multiple products without sales role specialization can impact both your revenue and brand. If you already have taken

Lack of Sales Management Expertise

A lack of sales management expertise can significantly hinder your growth. Growing an organization is tough, whether you are

Limited Sales Talent Pool

Given your budget, you may find that building your own sales team is costly, and getting a return on

Sales Strategy and Execution

It has become fashionable to believe that marketing will bring in leads and that these leads will somehow turn


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Need Help Reaching Your

Revenue Goals in 2019?

What you get


You can’t rely on building scripts and hiring junior sales team members as ‘scripted readers,’ to create the kind of relationships that lead to long-term growth.


At huerdo, our team of sales leaders are experienced, socially connected, engaged, and empowered with the coaching and tools to be the best they can be!

They know how to help grow companies successfully by  controlling Customer Acquisition Costs, increasing Customers Lifetime Value, and ensuring that your company’s sales are predictable.


Return on Investment

Regardless of your business model from B2C through B2B enterprise approach, the revenue engine is, in fact, consistent… and its vitally important to design and implement a revenue engine that is healthy, adaptable, measured and is constantly improving to meet those overarching business goals.

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