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“huerdo is about setting goals and giving everything you have to achieve them. It is about striving towards that kind of success that gives you a feeling of not being ordinary.” 

Chris Fletcher - Founder
about our sales training

Why huerdo

During our Sales Careers, we have run 3b Euro Sales Organisations and closed deals over $20M. As Sales Leaders, we have had access to many sales training courses and sales methods, but all of them failed to understand the complexities we faced. We knew that our salespeople needed a different type of training, to be more successful, and outperform our competition. Analysing our Cost Of Sales told us that.

Why Our Services

Buyers undertake a set of actions and tasks to make a purchase decision. These activities are not linear!

Customers are continually looping back to their main milestones, revisiting, or re-evaluating their criteria and choices. So why are we managing and coaching to a sales funnel which is sequential?

At huerdo, we address this issue with our Revenue Engine Sales Method.

B2B Buying Isn’t Linear

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Our customer surveys tell us that B2B buying doesn’t play out in any kind of predictable, linear order. Instead, customers engage in what we might call “looping”across a typical B2B purchase, revisiting each of the six buying jobs at least once.

Our Customers

B2B companies looking to scale their revenue growth, and optimize their market potential.

Our Vision

To enable companies, and entrepreneurs to realize the full potential of their product or service offering.

Our history

huerdo was founded in 2016, providing Sales Training and Consulting services. Unlike many sales training companies, we have worked in sales, managed territories, and launched new products. Our structured training reflects our own real-world experience. Our sales methodology and processes embrace the Revenue Engine principle that ensures all customer-facing teams have the capabilities, education, and skills to guide a buyer through their journey to purchase. 

Our Management Team

Revenue Engine

Most leaders know where they want to take their teams, but fail to adapt to changing customer needs to sustain their revenue growth over time.

At huerdo, we understand how difficult it is when you have set clear direction, but begin to see teams failing to execute and capitalize on the opportunities in front of them. Customer Acquisition Costs can increase, sales staff turnover can become a challenge, and revenue generating teams can find themselves unable to agree on the best path forward. This is why taking a Revenue Engine approach, and tuning it in your business can unlock growth!

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