About huerdo!

The first question we get, is why huerdo? What does it mean? “huerdo is about setting goals and giving everything you have to achieve them. It is about striving towards that kind of success that gives you a feeling of not being ordinary. huerdo never gives up on anything.” It is our mantra, and this is our approach to enabling our customers to succeed The services we offer are designed to help you grow as a company and reach your potential. We provide the holistic knowledge that is required to accelerate your company forward.

Sales Team at Work

Our Mission

To accelerate the process of taking business to business tech products to market by eliminating the risks inherent in building and scaling a business.

Our Vision

That through our services we enable companies, entrepreneurs, and startups to realize the full potential of their product offering.

Our Customers

Established Tech companies and startups looking to effectively scale their business.

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The Three Dimensions of a Revenue Engine

Company Foundation

Core messaging, the tools that are required to deliver that effectively, the overarching company strategy, … and all that, at an effective cost!

Go-to-Market Teams

It touches every department in the organization - from marketing, business development, sales, customer success, product, and back-office teams.

Buyer Journey

Every customer touchpoint or interaction along the buyer journey - from lead to renewal.

The Rev Eng Black

Our Management Team

Chris Fletcher

Managing Partner
Chris was the SVP and General Manager of EMEA Sales at SAS Institute where she developed and mentored sales directors,

Mat Tarbuck

Managing Partner
Mat Tarbuck has successfully sold new software product developments within the North American and Asian markets and has established a

What People Think About Us

I learned a number of things…  In large enterprise selling you need to have an [business] opinion, and know it could link to a prospects scorecard, leading to bigger deals. I recommend sales leaders who want to push up market [through bigger deals] to work with Chris.

Dan Ferguson
Dan Ferguson

Chris is a great coach, mentor and inspirational leader.  Anyone working with Chris would be very lucky. Chris helped me to think “outside of the box” and think differently, resulting always in a positive response by the customer.

Pramila Nair

Chris created key business processes that lead to a 200% faster deal close rate in our business. Chris got the entire organization working together on a specific and important problem we needed to solve. She was maniacal in defining a good and necessary process everyone in the organization ended up following. Chris drove a level of growth…

Rich York
Rich York

Chris was always driving collaboration across her team and with us [as a partner]. She understood what the customer needed and focused her team on delivering that. Chris is great and I’d certainly recommend her!

Ian Dewdney
Ian Dewdney