What the Best Salespeople Do, That You Don't!

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What the Best Salespeople Do, That You Don't!

Why are some salespeople successful and others not? Did you know that 8% of salespeople typically bring in 80% of the revenue? So if you are not part of the 8%, then I am shaw you are wondering how you can join them! One of the essential capabilities the best enterprise salespeople all have in common is that they can go to every client meeting with a point of view.

Dale Carnegie, in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” talks about a concept that is even more essential than ever for salespeople to master, to reach their quota and deliver exceptional customer value, and that is his “Fundamental Techniques to Handling People.”

He talks about fishing in the summer, and that although he likes strawberries and cream, fish curiously like worms! Weird, isn’t it? So he fishes with what the fish want not what he loves.

In enterprise sales, the number one mistake I see people make when approaching a new prospect is their inability to create a compelling “point of view.” A compelling point of view is a business-based Synopsys that enables a salesperson to leverage key indicators relevant to that prospect and build their credibility to “win friends” in the account. It’s about understanding the bait I need to use to catch my customer!

Too many salespeople spend too much time researching and getting lost in data analysis and give-up because they can’t synthesize all the data into a compelling point of view. Others haven’t created a point of view at all, either because they haven’t heard of it as a best practice in enterprise selling, or think it takes too long to create! As both a master coach and sales manager I guide my mentees in the use of nimble techniques to quickly research the relevant points of a prospect and tailor a point of view to their specific needs. The fact that you, as a salesperson, have taken the time to create a “point of view” on your prospect, creates greater impact, confidence, and influence, even if your “point of view” is not 100% correct.

Having a point of view will not transform your career on its own, but it will give you an excellent foundation for further client discussion. People are far more willing to share knowledge with you when you have taken the time to research them and come up with an opinion. This greater insight into the world of the prospect will not only help you position your product better but will also help you gain the long-term respect of your client. It is what the best enterprise salespeople do!


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  1. Chris Fletcher

    Couldn’t agree more! Very true and well stated. Encourage everyone to read Dale’s book as it’s more critical than ever before

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