Cold calling is not dead

Cold Calling is Not Dead

There has been a lot of recent content published that states emphatically that cold calling is dead. It claims that people have so many data points available to them, that they no longer need to have their salespeople cold call. That said, in reality, the number of people calling on potential buyers is increasing, as is the number of remote sellers.

This contradiction may be due to the definition of what is a cold call. A cold call is not a blind call. It is your first contact with the prospect and must be researched. It is your first opportunity to give the buyer a good impression and to glean information from them. If poorly done, you are likely to waste significant funds on your outreach, and negatively impact your Customer Acquisition Costs.

Let’s face it, in b2b sales, where the value of the product is often significant; you will want to have someone to help you through the buying process and be a trusted advisor (Fifty-one percent of decision makers rank trust as the No. 1 factor they desire in a salesperson –2019 Linked In’s State of Sales Report Pocket Guide.) If you do not put the efforts into ensuring that your cold calling experiences are exceptional, then your competitors will.

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Cold Calling is Not Dead

Cold Calling is Not Dead

There has been a lot of recent content published that states emphatically that cold calling is dead. In reality, the…
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Cold calling is not dead