Frequently Asked Questions

huerdo Sales as a Service - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Sales as a Service is Outsourced Selling. A company either outsources all or a part of its Sales function to the Sales as a Service provider. Outsourcing typically happens when a company is looking to take a new product to market, to release an existing product into new geographies, or to sell into new market segments and organizations where they do not have the selling skills.

No. Many established business to business (b2b) tech companies outsource a part of their sales function for strategic reasons. These may include launching a new product without impacting their current Sales practice, or selling an existing product within an industry vertical or territory where they have no experience.

Cost is dependent on the product sold and the maturity of the outsourcer. Traditionally the price is structured around payment for the sales services and commissions based on the number of sales achieved. With early-stage startups, the amount charged for the service may be reduced or removed for a higher commission rate or in some instances equity.

Yes, potentially. huerdo is selective about the companies we partner with and will ask every potential client to pitch their product, as part of the process to determine joint fit. If we perceive the product to be viable and saleable based on our skills and the clients needs, then we will go forward with a partnership that is mutually beneficial. 

As you are outsourcing your sales function to huerdo, we determine which of our salespeople are the best fit to sell your product.  While working together you will work directly with an assigned VP Sales, who will share progress and status updates, along with your feedback on the team members that have been assigned to you.  Your input is valuable.

You will have input into the sales strategy, but the day to day management of sales will be undertaken as a part of the service.  After-all taking the headache, stress and development of the sales team members, is what we do.

Yes. Our salespeople will be acting as your representatives and engage with targeted prospect customers in demonstrating huerdo’s team values and integrity in the selling process. This is our reputation and brand in the market, and we bring this to you, as your sales team.

We specialize in Business to Business Technology Sales. Our Sales teams are staffed by experienced enterprise sales professionals who have been star performers at some of the largest tech companies in the world. Many have also been heavily invested in tech startups and know the ins and outs of taking a new product to market. Our approach to sales is holistic, partnering with your marketing and product functions to ensure that your message communicates the value of your product, to maximize your return on investment.

Yes. Huerdo manages the entire sales process. Unlike other Sales as a Service providers, we are not focused on Inside Sales or Inbound Marketing. These are typically served by telesales call centers, which are widely available.  Instead, huerdo uniquely provides its clients with a dedicated team that will operate through the entire Sales Lifecycle from Customer Outreach to Closure and beyond.  We also provide access to our Sales Vice President who manages the team, and has the broadest experience to increase your close rates.

Yes. We consult with all of our clients before any engagement to formulate a sales strategy that is specific to your product, market segment, and goals.

Yes, you can use your own CRM tool or in some instances benefits from ours. Whichever you choose, the data held within is yours and will not be used by huerdo for any other purposes.

Yes. We have experienced sales managers who would be more than happy to help you establish an internal sales function. This would include customization and consultation on the best sales model for your needs, as well as guiding you through the hiring process for sales people, on-boarding and deal-coaching.

Yes. We are more than happy to start a client on the service model and then transition them to an internal one, down the road.

It depends. Factors such as product maturity, competition and price will all impact how quickly you see an ROI. That said, we would argue that Sales as a Service enables you to see a faster return with far fewer headaches and risk than the traditional employee based sales model.