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How to Sell Complex Solutions to Increasingly Demanding Customers

Why Do I Need a New Sales Method?

Traditional Sales Funnel

The typical response to a stagnant sales pipeline is to invest in doing more – more leads, more calls, more demos, and more meetings. The sales methods and processes in use today were designed around measuring volume and “doing more”. They lead us to visualize and measure our sales funnel as a linear stream. Leads go in at the top, and closed deals come out of the bottom. Unfortunately, when deals get stuck, slip, or de-value, our natural response is to “do more” in the hope that we will somehow get the deal done.

As Sales Leaders, we use these linear processes and methods to assess opportunities and sales activities.  We know that our customer’s behavior is, in no way, linear. Yet we are teaching skills that aren’t addressing these issues and using this model to manage our business.  This is why we’re not improving.

Is “Doing More” Hurting Me?

Yes! No-one wants to be sold to. No-one wants information that isn’t personalized to them. Customers are telling us they have had enough of you “doing more”! 

You are also hurting yourself financially. The problem is that the more you spend on “doing more”, the higher your customer acquisition costs become. You will likely reach a point where you are spending more on acquiring and converting leads than you are getting in return.

If you have reached this point or are getting close to it, then your Revenue Engine is in trouble.

Instead, why not focus your attention on optimizing your sales funnel to improve close rates, deal sizes, and lifetime value? Recognize that the buyer journey is never linear, and ensure that your sales methods and processes reflect this behavior. Most importantly, rather than “doing more”, understand both the internal and external factors that influence the buyer along their journey. And ensure that your activities are centered on building trust.

Trust impacts win rates, deal size, time to close, and lifetime value – your sales method should focus on increasing it.

Revenue Engine Gears

How Does The Revenue Engine Method Help?

The Revenue Engine Sales Method is based on more than 25 years of B2B sales experience, research, and hands-on performance improvement within global sales teams. It recognizes that a prospect will re-visit key buying steps multiple times. It looks at the whole of the Sales Funnel, both internally and externally, from Lead to Renewal. And helps you develop the vital skills and behaviors required in keeping the customer’s customer at the heart of your sales approach.

Those skills and behaviors span the essential components of CORE, BUSINESS OBJECTIVES, STRATEGY, OVERSIGHT, and LEADERSHIP.

The Revenue Engine Method

The Revenue Engine Method Embraces the Way Leads Loop Through the Sales Funnel

B2B Buying Isn’t Linear

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Our customer surveys tell us that B2B buying doesn’t play out in any kind of predictable, linear order. Instead, customers engage in what we might call “looping”across a typical B2B purchase, revisiting each of the six buying jobs at least once.

customers customer


The customer, and the stakeholders who share responsibility for the buying decision.



Knowing where to focus, how to focus, and what to focus on is key to getting more time in front of the customer.

business objectives

Business Objectives

Balancing your company’s revenue objectives with customer advocacy.


Applying the right account development strategy to prospect & land, create large deals, and gain enterprise lock-in.



Gaining visibility and creating value across an account to maintain credibility, to coach and become a trusted advisor.



Developing a leadership position in an account to deliver tremendous customer value and revenue attainment.

More Than Just Skills

The Revenue Engine method recognizes that sales has two faces; an internal and an external one. If you want to increase your conversion rates, grow deal sizes, and reduce churn, you need to concentrate on and measure both.

The internal focus is on managing the friction points that exist between your go-to-market teams. And on how their actions affect the outcome of a deal.  

Externally we  focus on and measure the trust the customer has in you as a potential provider, and how your actions increase or decrease that trust. 

two faces of a revenue engine

Revenue Engine Services

All of our sales training courses are based on the principles of the revenue engine sales method and tailored to your specific needs. Not ready for the Revenue Engine. That’s fine. We can still help your sales teams train for success.

Revenue Engineering

Our revenue engineers will evaluate your sales models, and identify the friction points that are stopping you from reaching your revenue potential. 

Worried about the length of your sales cycles?

Make an appointment to discuss how the revenue engine sales method can benefit you.

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