Revenue Engine

Revenue Engineering

How to Sell Complex Solutions to Increasingly Demanding Customers

What is Revenue Engineering?

Traditionally the revenue engine model focuses on your Customer Acquisition Costs(CAC) and the ratio between it and your customers’ Lifetime Value (LTV). If you are spending too much on customer acquisition and not getting the return from your investment; then your revenue engine is not optimized for success. That said, there is more to revenue engineering than simply controlling spend.

Our revenue engineers examine all of the factors that influence your sale funnel both internally and externally. Identifying the journey the buyer takes from lead to close, and from close to renewal. The result being a roadmap for improvement, that details the process and method changes that need to be implemented, along with recommendations for training, and technology enhancements.

Our goal as revenue engineers, is to get your revenue engine optimized for your product and market, so that you can beat out the competition, and enjoy long term growth.

How We Optimize Your Revenue Engine

Sales Leadership Training Skills

Identify the skills required to optimize your uniques revenue engine. It’s not just your salespeople that sell your solution.

sales leadership training mindset

Remove the friction points caused by misaligned motivations, measures and processes. 

Sales Leadership Training Tools

Strengthen your message to enhance the trust the buyer has in you as a provider, by developing a framework that aligns your value with the customer’s nonlinear sales cycle.

Sales Funnel Optimization

We will look at your internal sale model, processes, and methods to determine how these are impacting your revenue engine. Where you are spending money, and how it is affecting your return on the investment.

Map Buyer's Journey

We will map your unique buyer’s journey from lead to close, and from close to renewal. And how your go-to-market teams interact along that journey.

Identify How Your Buyer's Buy

We will examine how your customer travels down your buyer’s journey, and identify the needs, proofs and value-gaps that will impact their purchasing decision. 

Pinpoint Your Friction Points

We will examine the friction points, and distractions that are stopping your customers from reaching the end of the journey.

Identify External Factors

We research the external factors that are causing deals to slip, shrink, or be lost. What factors are influencing the trust the buyer has in you as a provider. What value-gaps exist?

Tools, Technologies & Measures

We will look at what technologies are currently being used, where they could be enhanced, and make recommendations for the inclusion of new tools, processes and measurements.

Management Practices & Priorities

We will investigate your current management practices, and priorities to see how they are influencing your revenue engine.

Strategic Roadmap Development

We will develop a strategic roadmap for improvement, along with data driven KPIs that ensure success.


We will recommend training based on your unique roadmap and circumstance.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How long does Revenue Engineering Take?

There are many factors that dictate how long the revenue engine diagnosis will take. These include the complexity of your product or service offering. The channels you sell through. And how you are structured as an organization. To discuss your unique requirements and get a ballpark estimate, you can make an appointment here.

What are the deliverables?

The main deliverable is a analysis of your current state, and agreed to target state for where you want your revenue engine to be. A strategic roadmap that identifies the changes that need to be made both internally and externally. Training and technology recommendations based on the roadmap.

Who are the revenue engineers?

All revenue engineering projects are managed by a Senior Analyst. These are typically experienced Sales Leaders with many years in Management. They are supported by a team that includes data scientists and sales process engineers. To discuss your unique requirements, you can make an appointment here.

How much does revenue engineering cost?

All revenue engineers are charges at an hourly rate, plus any expenses. To discuss your unique requirements and get a ballpark estimate, you can make an appointment here.

Benefits of an Optimized Revenue Engine

Increase in Repeat Business
Lift in Revenue

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Source: Forrester Consulting

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