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How to Sell Complex Solutions to Increasingly Demanding Customers

about our sales training

Why huerdo

During our Sales Careers, we have run 3b Euro Sales Organisations and closed deals above 15 Million Pounds. As Sales Leaders, we have had access to many sales training courses and sales methods, but all of them failed to understand the complexities we faced. We knew that our salespeople needed a different type of training, to be more successful, and outperform our competition. Analysing our Cost Of Sales told us that.

It is for this reason that we decided to establish our own sales training company and sales method. It reflects our desire never to be outsold again!

Why Our Training

Buyers undertake a set of actions and tasks to make a purchase decision. These activities are not linear!

Customers are continually looping back to their main milestones, revisiting, or re-evaluating their criteria and choices. So why are we managing and coaching to a sales funnel which is sequential?

At huerdo, we address this issue with our sales method - NLS (non-linear selling).

Our Findings Are Supported by

B2B Buying Isn’t Linear

Our customer surveys tell us that B2B buying doesn’t play out in any kind of predictable, linear order. Instead, customers engage in what we might call “looping”across a typical B2B purchase, revisiting each of the six buying jobs at least once.

200% Faster Close Rates

huerdo helped create key business processes that lead to a 200% faster deal close rate in our business. They helped us drive a level of growth into the organisation; both in terms of the individuals and their confidence in the way they approached their business, and also increase in the size of our revenue, deals, and the direction of our organisation.

Rich York - Sales Leader

Selling Complex Solutions To Demanding Customers Isn't Easy!

Sales Training Timeline

70% of b2b companies that sell to enterprise accounts say that close rates are decreasing while sales cycles are increasing

Sellers spend 59% of their time on non-selling activities – focusing on the wrong things!

where information comes from

Only 50% of the information buyers need to make a purchase decision comes from salespeople today – so the time you have to influence buyers is short!

More than 40% of salespeople say that Sales Prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process, followed by closing (36%) and qualifying (22%). If you find prospecting to be the most difficult part of your job, you're not alone

How We Equip Your B2B Sales Teams

helping the customer focus

We teach your salespeople to focus on your customers’ customer and how your product or service impacts them.

You learn how to align and approach stakeholders at every level, ensuring that your messaging resonates and influences.

Coach your sales teams on how to effectively prospect to produce high-quality leads and ditch those non-selling activities.

What You'll Learn and How You'll Benefit

How to analyse enterprise accounts and
Effective ways to generate demand and develop
How to build consensus with stakeholders and realize
How to handle objections and craete
how to handle non-linear sales cycles and

For every dollar a company invests in training, it receives about $4.53 in return – which is equivalent to a 353% ROI.

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