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How to Sell Complex Solutions to Increasingly Demanding Customers

How We Equip You as a Entrepreneur

Everyone needs to be good at sales, particularly entrepreneurs who have to sell their ideas. To investors for the backing, to attract great employees for growth, and to early customers for revenue. However, many entrepreneurs have product backgrounds, or come from other non-sales related roles, and are uncomfortable with selling.

Our revenue engine Sales Training for Entrepreneurs will get you out of first gear, and accelerating your business growth.

With our background in Sales Leadership and Training, we know that teaching entrepreneur sales skills is only part of the recipe for success. We focus on the essential sales skills, and how to change your mindset to deliver long-lasting results.


We will teach you the core selling skills of where to spend your time; what to message; and how to present, negotiate, and close.

sales training mindset

You will learn how to change your focus from “your product” to your customer, and how you can impact your customer’s customer to create value and trust.

Sales Training Tools

Develop a sales process that matches your buyer’s journey to purchase and create clear value statements that resonate with your customer. 

account management focus

You'll learn how to identify those accounts and lines-of-business with the most significant growth potential.

account management time wasted

You'll stop wasting time on those activities that do not generate revenue, and quickly build strategies that are aligned to strong customer value.

account management prospect

We'll teach you how to craft compelling prospecting messages that generate customer buy-in.

You'll be able to develop and manage enterprise-level relationships that foster trust.

You'll be capable of leading Revenue Engine planning sessions with your internal stakeholders to create focus and generate opportunities.

account management optimize resources

We'll show you how to optimise your use of internal and external resources to drive customer advocacy.

account management stakeholder needs

You'll learn how to uncover multi-stakeholder needs and behaviours to create account lock-in (stickiness).

account management strategies

You'll learn how to identify strategies that protect you from competitive threats.

We'll teach you how influence customer behaviour and get your product to the top of your customer’s priority list.

Free Entrepreneur Sales Training

09:00-13:00 (EST) 19th-10th August 2020
Location: Virtual

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What does the training include?

Twelve hours of hands-on entrepreneur sales training modules delivered exclusively to you and your team at the date/time of your choosing.

Is there follow up after the training?

All training is concluded with a sales capabilities assessment. The results of which will provide the input for five hours of  one-on-one entrepreneur sales coaching.

Where is the training delivered?

We deliver the initial training in-person and typically on your premises. Our follow up coaching is done remotely.

Can you deliver the training online?

Yes. If you have teams that are spread across the country or globally, and you want to receive the training virtually, we can customise and deliver it as live online sessions, so that there is no travel involved.

Do you customise the training?

Yes. We integrate your products and/or services, assess your current selling method and process, and tailor the topics to your business needs.

How much does the training cost?

All training is customized to your specific needs. For this reason costs may vary. You can make an appointment to discuss your specific needs here.

For every dollar a company invests in training, it receives about $4.53 in return – which is equivalent to a 353% ROI.

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