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How to Sell Complex Solutions to Increasingly Demanding Customers

Sales Enablement Training for Non-Sellers

Your buyer gets over 50% of the information they use to make a buying decision from your non-sales resources. These resources are not necessarily sales aware, nor compensated or measured on their ability to generate revenue. Their input influences the buyer, but are their efforts coordinated with the rest of your go-to-market teams? If the answer is no, then you need a sales enablement strategy and training that encompasses all of your externally facing resources.

With our background in Sales Leadership and Training, we know that teaching core selling skills is only part of the recipe for success.  Our revenue engine sales enablement training provides the skills and tools needed for Customer Success, Presales, Product, and Marketing to manage their new roles on the customer journey successfully.  Coupled with the techniques to change mindsets and behaviors, we deliver long-lasting results.


We teach the essential sales awareness skills necessary to identify opportunities and manage the selling process.  You’ll learn how to approach account planning and use your business knowledge to support a renewal or sale.

sales training mindset

Learn how to become less product-focused and more aware of what your customer sees as value. Understand your customer’s customer and how you impact them. Learn to develop credibility and trust with senior stakeholders, without damaging your current customer relationships

Sales Training Tools

Our customer analysis framework helps you understand and talk to your customers. Learn the tools required for managing complex sales with multi-stakeholders.

Sales Training Selling Skills
Core Selling

Where to spend your time and how to approach an account.

Sales Training Mindset - Customer Focus
Focus on Your Customer

Change focus from “your product” to your customer.

Sales Training Tools - Customer Understanding
Customer Analysis Framework

How to research and understand your customer.

Sales Training business objectives
Business Objectives

What to say, and when to say it.

Sales Training Mindset - Value
Value-based Conversation

If you can impact your customer’s customer you bring value.

Sales Training Tools - Customer Relationship
Relationship Management

How to manage the stakeholders.

Sales Training Strategy

Presenting, Nogotiating, and Closing.

Sales Training Mindset - Trust

Develop credibility & trust

Sales Training Opportunity Management
Opportunity Management

Manage the internal and external processes required to close the deal on time and on value

200% Faster Close Rates

huerdo helped create key business processes that lead to a 200% faster deal close rate in our business. They helped us drive a level of growth into the organisation; both in terms of the individuals and their confidence in the way they approached their business, and also increase in the size of our revenue, deals, and the direction of our organization.

Rich York - Global SVP Sales

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What does the training include?

Twelve hours of hands-on sales enablement training modules delivered exclusively to your go-to-market teams at the date/time of your choosing.

Is there follow up after the training?

All training is concluded with a team assessment. The results of which will provide the input for five hours of group sales coaching.

Where is the training delivered?

We deliver the initial training in-person and typically on your premises. Our follow up coaching is done remotely.

Can you deliver the training online?

Yes. If you have teams that are spread across the country or globally, and you want to receive the training virtually, we can customise and deliver it as live online sessions, so that there is no travel involved.

Do you customise the training?

Yes. We integrate your products and/or services, assess your current sales enablement capabilities, and tailor the topics to your business needs.

How much does the training cost?

All training is customized to your specific needs. For this reason costs may vary. You can make an appointment to discuss your specific needs here.

For every dollar a company invests in training, it receives about $4.53 in return – which is equivalent to a 353% ROI.


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