Are You Stuck on The Sales Roundabout?

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Are You Stuck on The Sales Roundabout?

As a company, should you be in the business of Sales? Are you on a continuous Sales Roundabout of employing new Sales Executives who come with the promise of energizing your company’s growth, but who invariably fail to do so and move on within the year.

Unfortunately, this roundabout is the reality for Software companies both large and small. Just the fact that you have employed someone with the title of Sales Executive does not guarantee that they will be successful in selling your product. The impact of failure on both your company’s and your future is real. According to IMPACT, “Hiring is less Accurate than Flipping a Coin,” so let’s face reality, the odds of you hiring the right Sales Executive are less than 50%.

Even if you find the right candidate, ramp up time typically varies from 6 months to a year depending on the current size and quality of your pipeline. Hitting the ground running can be difficult especially for a less mature organization.

That is why Software vendors are looking to Sales as a Service (SaaS) to help them mitigate this risk. SaaS is an enabler. It allows companies to immediately scale their Sales division without having to go through the hiring process, or launch products into new geographies where they previously had no sales presence.

Sales as Service companies like huerdo (@huerdo) maintain a skilled team of Enterprise Software Sales Executives with 15+ years of experience. They utilize their best practice sales process in conjunction with their extensive sales network to increase sales volumes and revenues.

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